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How To Choose The Right Dumpster Rental Provider In Phoenix Az

The average cost of renting a dumpster varies between states and even between providers. The national average in the U.S. is $405. This fee includes cost of the local dump at land disposal. If you are looking for the “sweet spot”, we recommend that you choose a 20 yard roll off container. This size gives most households enough room for waste disposal without having to incur overage fees or needing to hire a second container.


Average Cost Of Renting A Dumpster

10 yard: $295

20 yard: $395

30 yard: $450

40 yard: $495


If the price that you’ve been quoted locally for your roll off is different to the national average, here’s a few tips to consider: 


  1. Choose A Local Provider (not a regional/national)

It can be tempting to choose a franchise but this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a better service or even a better price.

When you book with a larger company, you’re often paying for additional overheads, like the cost of the receptionist, a large office space to accommodate the staff and higher insurances for the drivers and the commercial vehicles.

Some of the bigger companies also employ brokers that take the order and then pass this job onto a local service provider.

If you go direct to a local provider you’ll be cutting out the middle man and saving on fees. You may even get a longer rental period, which will give you more time to fill the roll off, or collaborate with a neighbour to lower your costs.

Waste Management, which is a nationwide company, charges $524 for 20 yard roll offs. In comparison, you can often find a local company that will provide a roll off for just $395 (or cheaper). Immediately that’s a saving of over $129!


Local Dumpter Rental Business
Local Dumpster Rental Near Me


  1. Customer Service

Many local dumpster companies are family operated businesses. Customer service is what sets them apart from the competition so it’s in their best interest to give you, the customer, great service. This may vary from competitive pricing, to length of dumpster rental, to speed of pickup.

If you have a question to ask, chances are you’ll get through to a local company much faster as most of them don’t have long automated menus to navigate through when you call. If you have an issue with your bill, you’ll have a better chance of getting directly through to the owner (or someone who knows the owner) then with a national company.



Roll Off Customer Service Operator
Roll Off Customer Service Operator


  1. Call For Different Quotes

It pays to shop around. Not only because you’ll get a better price but also because availability of dumpsters varies considerably between local companies. Some contractors only deal in roll offs that are 20 yards or bigger. If you only have a small amount of trash, that you’re confident can fit into a 5 yard or a 10 yard, then it would make sense to choose a company that specializes in the smaller rolls offs.

Another reason for shopping around is if you need to rent a dumpster urgently. Competitively priced companies may be fully booked for several days or even a week. Other companies, particularly the family operated businesses, may be out on a job when you call and will be unable to answer your call.

Under those circumstances, it may be in your interests to consider a broker. Dumpster brokers may appear to be local contractors but they’re actually middlemen that have built up a relationship with local businesses that provide dumpsters. They make their money by charging a premium on top of the regular roll off price. This is usually between 10-20% extra.



Dumpster Rental Broker
Dumpster Rental Broker


You may pay a little extra when dealing with a broker but there are definite advantages when it comes to dealing with a broker, particularly if your job is urgent and customer service is important to you. It can be easier to deal with a broker than wait for a local contractor to complete their existing job, especially for those that don’t have a member of staff dedicated to answering the phone. A broker will usually have the local contractor’s direct cell number or know whom to speak to resolve an issue faster.

To get a speedy service, it will help if you can prepare yourself with answers to the following questions that a dumpster rental company will likely ask:

  • What size dumpster you require.
  • Materials that will be put into the dumpster (if it’s only 1 type then try to negotiate a discount).
  • Where the dumpster needs to go (e.g. front drive, side alley) and is there sufficient space to open the doors on the dumpster?
  • When you need the dumpster to be delivered.
  • How long you need to keep the dumpster for.


Workman hauling junk                                                      









Questions To Ask The Dumpster Rental Company

  • How much weight am I allowed in the total quote?
  • How much will I get charged if I go over the weight?
  • What is the total cost per ton?
  • How long can I keep the dumpster for?
  • Will it cost extra if I need to rent the dumpster for a longer period of time?
  • Is pickup automatic or do I need to arrange a date and time?


Factors To Consider When You Receive A Quote

Some dumpster rental companies offer a fixed price for their service but will only travel within a specified radius from the business address. This may range from 20 to 50 miles. If you are a fair distance from the business’ address, the owner may add on additional costs to compensate for the extra gas and time that it will take to reach you. 

It’s for these reasons that many local contractors choose not to publish their prices online. In addition, some cities charge for permits. The cost of dumping your waste in local landfill can also vary depending on the materials and the weight.

Although price is an important factor in your decision, you should not always go with the cheapest company. Just like any business, customer service varies considerably. The cheapest company may not have the best reputation or they may take longer to resolve any issues that come up. Before you make your decision, make sure you are comparing on a like for like basis.



  Frequently Asked Questions    


1. Differences In Your Final Price    

The price that you pay upon completion of the job may be more than what you were initially quoted.

A good contractor will make you aware of any additional costs when you first speak to them. When you first rent a dumpster you are given a weight allowance in your quote. This allowance is just for the weight of your debris. It does not include the weight of the container! If the materials that you are disposing of are dense and heavy then you may receive additional charges. This is not down to the local contractor but due to additional charges that are paid at landfill.

Some contractors will take an extra deposit from you to cover for any costs at landfill and then refund the difference back to your card if you have stayed within your weight allowance.


2. Why Is It So Expensive To Rent A Dumpster?

The biggest factor that impacts the cost of renting a dumpster is landfill costs. When you pay a local contractor, the landfill cost is already included in their quote. Landfill fees vary considerably across the country. Fees can range from $30 to $100 per ton. If landfill fees are $60 in your area and you have 4 tons of waste, your local contractor will have to pay landfill $240. This is a cost which is not possible to avoid and it gets passed directly onto the customer.


 3. How Can I Reduce Waste In My Roll Off & Lower My Costs?

By now you should understand that the more waste you have, the more expense you will incur. You can however take steps to reduce the weight of your junk. Consider donating to local charities or giving to The Salvation Army, having a yard sale or putting your items on Craiglist. You can even consider The Freecycle Network to recycle any of your items that are in good condition.

If you haven’t reached your weight allowance, consider sharing your roll off with a neighbour. Someone else on your street will inevitably have some junk they wish to dispose of and it may be cheaper to collaborate instead of hiring a roll off separately.



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