How To Choose The Correct Size Of Dumpster


A roll of dumpster comes in different size. All roll offs are measured in cubic yards.

The size indicates how much rubble that the container can hold. 


Here are the dimensions of a typical dumpster roll off:

(Note that each size of container is commonly 8 feet in width.)


  • 10 yard: 12 feet length, 8 feet wide, 3.5 feet high, cost: $295
  • 20 yard: 22 feet length, 8 feet wide, 4 feet high, cost: $395
  • 30 yard: 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, 6 feet high, cost: $450
  • 40 yard: 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet high, cost: $495


For quick reference, the 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard roll offs are the same in length and width, they only differ in height.

Container sizes are typical but are not standard.

This means that each company’s roll offs may differ in dimension size. Cost of dumpster rental includes waste disposal fee.

* 1 yard = 3 feet.

* So 1 cubic yard = a space that is 3 feet in length, 3 feet in width and 3 feet in height.



What You Can Fit Into A Dumpster


  • 10 yard: 250 square feet of deck removal or a an average garage cleanout or 1500 square feet of roof shingle tear off or a small remodeling project.
  • 10 yard: average remodeling project or patio/deck demolition or residential roofing tear off or a moving cleanout.
  • 20 yard: large roof shingle tear off or whole house flooring removal or whole home cleanout or light construction.
  • 30 yard: new construction or renovation projects or windows/siding replacement.
  • 40 yard: windows/siding replacement for a large home or demolition or work construction or commercial cleanout.


=> The 20 yard roll offs are the most popular type of dumpster rental because of their size and price.



Over Filling


Don’t try to overfill your dumpster! The wastage should be level with or below the fill line of the dumpster walls.

Usually there are separate fill lines for concrete debris and household waste.

If you do overfill, your roll off driver may remove some ofthe excess waste onto by themselves. 

The excess waste will be left on your property and you’ll still need to dispose of this separately.

Driving with an overfilled container is a safety hazard because some of the waste may spill onto the road and is also against the law.

If there is an excess amount of waste the driver may refuse to haul the dumpster away on safety grounds until you level the dumpster fill line.

In these circumstances you’ll still be charged for the trip, i.e. the cost incurred for the driver to come to your house and return back to the depot.



Typical Overage Fees

  • 1 cubic yard: $63
  • 2 cubic yards: $125
  • 3 cubic yards: $188
  • 4 cubic yards: $250


These fees are what you’ll pay for going over your weight allowance for your particular container. Some materials weight more than others.

Concrete, for example, is denser than wood or carpet.

Check with your service company at the time you order and they’ll tell you approximately how much material you can dispose of in the dumpster size that you’re looking for.

It’s natural to be looking for the best price for a roll off.

The problem is that most people under estimate how much debris they have to dispose of and end up ordering a smaller dumpster container than what they actually need.

This is false economy because the overage fees on a smaller container make it more expensive than if you were to hire a larger container to begin with.

If you’re in doubt, speak to your contractor for an estimate and consider choosing a bigger size roll off.

If you find that you still have space left after disposing of your trash, ask a neighbour if they need have anything to dispose of.


* Sharing some of the cost will help to reduce your fees *


If you have 13 yards worth of trash to dispose off and you try to squeeze this into a 10 yard roll off, your dumpster service company will give you a switch out.

They’ll haul away your full 10 yard dumpster and replace it with an empty one but you have to remember that you don’t get a discount for the second container.

Instead you’ll end up paying for two x 10 yards and this will cost you more than hiring a 20 yard to start off with.






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